Know Your Money's Going Somewhere That Matters

Contribute cash or checks toward assisting veterans

Every little bit counts. That's why the Florida Veterans Assistance Association Inc. accepts donations of any amount. The amount you have to give isn't as important as the fact that you choose to give it at all.

The money you donate goes toward helping active duty and retired military personnel adjust and succeed. It can be difficult for military spouses to find jobs when military personnel relocate. It's also hard for veterans to start new careers outside of the military. Your money goes toward helping military families thrive.

It also goes toward programs designed to help those in the military and those who have retired.

Contact us now to donate money.

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Put your money into something you believe in

We take financial donations in any form, including:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks
  • Credit card
  • Direct deposit
  • Cashiers' checks
Call 800-969-8387 today to learn more about what your money is going toward.