Your Donation Will Improve a Veteran's Life

Aid military retirees with a veteran donation in Tampa, FL

Interested in giving back to a community of veterans? Consider donating to Veterans Assistance US. Our primary goal is to collect veteran donations and distribute resources for veterans in the Tampa, FL area.

Our veteran charity has been helping veterans since 1996, and we've been accepting timeshare donations for 16 years.

Call 813-249-4910 now to ask about how your veteran donation can have an impact on a veteran in need.

Timeshare Donations

Timeshare Donations

Discover all the different ways you can help

Our veteran charity accepts three different kinds of donations:

  • Automobiles for veterans to repair and sell
  • Money in the form of cash or checks
  • Timeshares
Contact us today to ask any questions you have about the donation process.

What does Veterans Assistance US do for vets?

A lot of veterans have been in the military since they graduated high school. They don't have experience working in a non-military capacity. We help them by providing information and resources. Veterans can learn about:

  • Healthcare
  • Home loans
  • Insurance eligibility
  • Business loans
We also host a holiday food basket program in which we offer baskets of food to hard-pressed veterans so they can feed their families. Additionally, veterans have access to food certificates from various grocery stores and cash grants to VA hospitals in Florida. These cash grants help veterans pay for necessary medical equipment.

When veterans need emergency help, they turn to Veterans Assistance US. In cases where veterans have been stranded and need support, we'll supply them with gas and food so they can return home.

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