Auto Donation – National Pickup / Anywhere In U.S.



Donate Your Unwanted Cars, Trucks, Boats, RV’s, Land or Real Estate to help needy Vets and their families.


Unemployed Veterans will be used to repair your vehicles.


After they are Repaired and Sold, the funds will go into Our Programs Services, helping Veterans throughout the State of Florida.


Vehicles are also given to deserving vets for transportation to employment and medical treatment.


Please call Joel Markman at 813-484-9063 to discuss the donation.


Also, feel free to ask to see the actual letters from Veterans we helped which we copied below:


Dear Sgt. Markman,

Thank you very much for the automobile, it has allow me to be able to seek out employment and to keep my doctor appointments.

This note is to express my appreciation for your organizations assistance.
After numerous calls to various Veterans organizations, all that I received was sympathy.  I needed a ride, not sympathy.  Thank god for the fine work that you folks  do at the Florida Veterans Assistance for disabled veterans.

I used to believe that being a combat veterans of any of the branches meant that a person had joined a unique brotherhood. I started to have my doubts in my belief until I spoke with you.

Thank you for showing me compassion instead of complacency.

A Grateful American Veteran,
Darell S. Monet