Florida Veteran’s Assistance Assoc., Inc.
8310 North Thatcher
Tampa, Fl, 33614
Dear Sirs:

On behalf of the patients at James A. Haley Veterans Hospital, I wish to donation of check #5241 in the amount of $250.00.

Your generous donation has been deposited into the patient General Post Fund,. OFF #90 the benefit of all patients. It is through donations such as yours that we are to provide programs and services for patients that otherwise would not be available. Your support and interest in our nations veterans is greatly appreciated.
Chief, Voluntary Service

Note: For tax purposes, the VA did not provide the donor any goods in whole or part for this contribution

Rubye Gordon
4949 Bridle Path Dr.
Lakeland, fl 33810

Florida Veterans assistance Association, Inc
8310 N. Thatcher Rd.
Tampa, fl 33614

Dear Sir or Madame:
I am writing to show my sincere appreciation to this organization for their assistance in my time of need. Recently, due to an error on the pan of an official at the Veterans Administration my funds were misplaced and as a result I found myself without money for food or gas. After explaining my situation, this organization did not hesitate to assist my family and I. Once again I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the prompt and courteous assistance given to me by the individuals of this organization.
Lee Gordon
Mr Joel Markman, Chairman
Florida Veterans Assistance Association
8310 Thatcher Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33614

Dear Chairman Markman:
After your generous floral gills and visitations at Easter time and the Fourth of July, the staff of the Nursing Home Care Unit and I would like to thank you and your Association members for your new Christmas donation of a fresh flower in gift wrap for each of our residents, along with all the dollar value in several Canteen Books. Again, you may be sure that our residents enjoyed the beauty of your remembrances to the fullest.
Please let us acknowledge delivery on December 17 by Ms Cathy Bartlett
We repeat that it is considerate people like your Association members who help
us provide the highest quality of care to our disabled American veterans. Thank you.
With appreciation for the Association’s continued support, we send all our best
wishes for a happy and productive New Year.

Associate Chief, Nursing Service
Nursing Hme Care Unit